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Pub Crawl: Red Light District

Pub Crawl: Red Light District

This pub crawls takes you into the heart of the Red Light district. Be sure to take some detours and see the beauty of the Red Light District. In this district you can really get a feel of how Amsterdam was back in the day of those rowdy sailors.
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Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: Red Light District
Best time Fri/Sat 21:00
Takes about 3 hours

01. Café Fonteyn

Nice pub to start of this pub crawl. It looks out over the beautiful Nieuwmarkt and the Waag. The staff here is friendly, the pub feels homey and is "gezellig".
Address: Nieuwmarkt 15
Closes at 03:00 (am)

02. Oost West

The smallest pub of this tour which I might call the coziest. It is a typical Dutch pub and might get a little busy but that makes it all the beter.
Address: Zeedijk 85
Closet at 03.00 (am)

03. Café 't Mandje

Like the previous place this is a typical pub for Amsterdam and the red light district. Enjoy the crew behind the bar, the music and the people around you.
Address: Zeedijk 63
Closes at 03.00 (am)

04. Café Old Town

Café Old Town is right above the famous tattoo shop Hanky Panky which is nice to see before entering. Inside you will get a free Jägermeister shot with the purchase of a pint of Heineken (€5,50) if you show the printed route for this pub crawl. Cheers!
Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 141
Closes at 03.00 (am)

05. Café de Stoof

A pub with a view. Here you can sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and admire the scenery. Watch as people go by and check out the merchandise.
Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 114
Closes at 03:00 (am)

06. Café Old Sailor

The last stop of the night. It is a rather busy cafe but you will find all kinds of happy people here. Enjoy the way this pub looks because it really lives up to its name.
Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 39-A
Closes at 03:00 (am)

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