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Pub Crawl: The Pijp

Pub Crawl: The Pijp

This pub crawl takes you into the Pijp. A very popular, bohemian part of Amsterdam with a very diverse range of places. The places you will visit show this variety.
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Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: The Pijp
Best time Fri/Sat 21:00
Takes about 3:00 hours

01. Café Dopey's Elixer

22 beer on tap and about 50 bottled beers. Sounds like a good place to kick off a pub crawl right?
Address: Lutmastraat 49
Closes at 02:00 (am)

02. Café Flinck

This is a modern brown pub. Brown pubs are known in The Netherlands for there easygoingness. This place is the same, a great pub to have a drink and a laugh.
Address: 1ste van der Helststraat 511
Closes at 03.00 (am)

03. Café Duvel

Besides this being a great place to eat, late at night this pub becomes a real cool pub for drinking and standing at the bar.
Address: 1ste van der Helststraat 61
Closes at 03.00 (am)

04. Café Flamingo

A very hip place that has a decor that is a mix between colonial and hipster. They have beers from several different breweries in Amsterdam so be sure to try a couple (it's the last stop anyway).
Address: 1ste Van der Helststraat 37
Closes at 03:00 (am)

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