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Pub Crawl: The Jordaan

Pub Crawl: The Jordaan

This pub crawl takes you into the heart of the Jordaan. This is in my opinion the best part of Amsterdam. My dad was born here and I lived here myself for a while. This pub crawl takes you to all the typical traditional Dutch pubs. Be ready to hear a lot of Dutch folk music!

Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: The Jordaan
Best time Fri/Sat 22:00
Takes about 3:30 hours

01. Cafe Chris

The oldest pub in the Jordaan district. It started out as a beer house in 1624. Story goes that the builders of the Westertower were paid their wages in this pub.
Address: Bloemstraat 42
Closes at 02:00 (am)

02. Cafe De Blaffende Vis

This was for a long time the favourite pub of infamous Heineken kidnapper: Willem Holleeder. Nowadays it is a pub where all kinds of people mingle.
Address: Westerstraat 118
Closes at 01:00 (am)

03. Cafe Lowietje

Although Amsterdam is constantly changing this place is and will remain purely as it was. A great place for a few beers but watch out for the ‘Polonaise’!
Address: 3e Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 2
Closes at 03:00 (am)

04. Cafe Proust

This pub is the odd one out when you first see it but actually it is a modern version of the old pubs that you will visit during this tour. Enjoy the atmosphere before heading to Nol where it is busy and typically Dutch!
Address: Noordermarkt 4
Closes at 03:00 (am)

05. Cafe Nol

Cafe Nol might just be the best known pub in the Jordaan in its category. You probably have to stand here and listen to Dutch folk music. But it’s an experience you should not skip!
Address: Westerstraat 109
Closes at 04:00 (am)

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