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Pub Crawl: Tasting Houses

Pub Crawl: Tasting Houses

This is a pub crawl for the craft beer lovers. It takes you to 4 different tasting rooms that all have a great variety of craft beers. Nothing to say but: go nuts and order a tasting everywhere!

Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: Tasting Houses
Best time Fri/Sat 20:00
Takes about 3 hours

01. In De Wildeman

What started out as a distillery a long time ago is now a very spacious tasting house. With its wide variety of beers you will certainly find something that tickles your fancy. Not sure what to order? Aks the knowledgeable staff.
Address: Kolksteeg 3
Closes at 02:00 (am)

02. Cafe Gollem

Amsterdam counts four Gollem pubs as of now. This is the smallest but in my opinion the best. Hope you can find a place to sit and maybe order the Kwak beer if you haven't had it yet.
Address: Raamsteeg 4
Closes at 03:00 (am)

03. De Brabantse Aap

Less beers than in the other places you will visit but it has a great atmosphere. They serve beers from their own brewery 'De Bekeerde Suster', my favourite: De Manke Monnik.
Address: Spui 30
Closes at 02:00 (am)

04. Jopen Proeflokaal

Jopen is a brewery from the city of Haarlem. This is a tasting house for their beers in addition to 'guest-beers'. You can find 20 Jopen beers and 10 guest beers on tap. If you can still handle it try a tasting.
Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 4
Closes at 02:00 (am)

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