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Pub Crawl: Romantic Amsterdam

Pub Crawl: Romantic Amsterdam

Most crawls are for big groups but why, how about a romantic crawl with your loved one? Or maybe something for your first Tinder date? For those who want something romantic in Amsterdam I made this tour.
This is a free pub crawl that you can walk without guide.
This website can be used during the walk or you can print the route below for offline use.

Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: Romantic Amsterdam
Friday / Saturday
Takes about 3 hours

01. Hotel Hoxton Amsterdam

Not a typical place for a pub crawl, but this is an exceptional tour with exceptional places. Hoxton is one of the hottest spots in Amsterdam at the moment and it has a bar that is ideal for dates.
Address: Herengracht 255
Closes at 01:00 am

02. Bar Oldenhof

Bar Oldenhof is a perfect place for a date with its old-fashioned bar, great service and awesome drinks. From the outside you can't see anyting so ring the doorbell and be welcomed inside. The layout is prestige, yet cozy and easy going.
Address: Elandsgracht 84
Closes at 03:00

03. Het Doktertje

Officially the smallest pub of Amsterdam and a great place for a drink. Ideal for a romantic date since you have to sit close to each other.
Address: Rozenboomsteeg 4
Closes at 01:00

04. Terpentijn

Terpentijn is the last stop and is less of a bar and more of a club. After chilling in the previous places it's time to put on your dancing shoes and go all out till 4 in the morning.
Address: Rokin 103
Closes at 04:00

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