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Pub Crawl: Board Games

Pub Crawl: Board Games

Want to enjoy a nice board game during these dark winter days? If your answer is yes then this pub crawl is something for you.

Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: Board Games
Friday / Saturday
Takes about 4:30 hours

01. Café 't Gasthuys

The first stop of this pub crawl. This place has several floors and my suggestion is to go to the back, up the first flight of stairs. The staff here is very friendly and they can help you with a boardgame (and drinks off course).
Address: Grimburgwal 7
Closes at 22:00

02. Café Langereis

This pub is relatively new on the scene but has a old Dutch atmosphere. Games are next to the bar on the left hand side.
Address: Amstel 202
Closes at 03:00

03. Café Onder de Ooievaar

This pub does not have a lot of board games. Nevertheless it earned its place in this pub crawl due to two hidden gems in the basement. Go check it out.
Address: Utrechtsestraat 119
Closes at 03:00

04. Café Café Brecht

This place has a unique cosyness that you can't find anywhere else in Amsterdam. Grab a pint and a board game (in the back) and find a small space to play. Don't mind if people join your game halfway through.
Address: Weteringschans 157
Closes at 03:00

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