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Pub Crawl: Along the Amstel

Pub Crawl: Along The Amstel

Amsterdam actually got its name from the fact that they put a dam in the Amstel (Dam Square). We will start the pub crawl from the point where the Amstel starts flowing south again. This pub crawl will take you along the Amstel for some drinks and pubs.
This is a free pub crawl that you can walk without guide. This website can be used during the walk or you can use the pdf version of the route below for offline use.

Pub crawl info

Pub Crawls Amsterdam » Pub Crawl: Along the Amstel
Friday / Saturday
Takes about 3 hours

01. Mulligans Irish Bar

Why an Irish pub? Believe it or not, there's a strong traditional Irish music movement in the Netherlands, and it's not just Irish ex-pats who play the stuff. A lot of Dutch people are quite fond of Irish music — and some of them play it very seriously indeed.
Address: Amstel 100
Closes at 03:00 am

02. Café 't Hooischip

After you experienced some Irish folk music in the middle of Amsterdam you will see a proper Dutch bar. This bar is old enought to have the feeling that this was a place where sailors used to come. Enjoy the drink and atmosphere.
Address: Amstel 31
Closes at 01:00

03. Cafe de Magere Brug

This bar takes it name from the famous bridge: "De Magere Brug" which translates into "The skinny bridge". Actually this name was from the first bridge that was so small and unstable that they had to replace it twice but the name remained.
Address: Amstel 81
Closes at 03:00

04. Bar Lempicka

The last stop is at Bar Lempicka. It offers nice seats that overlook the Amstel river. Enjoy the last stop.
Address: Sarphatistraat 23
Closes at 03:00

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