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New place of interest: Café Dopey’s Elixer

I will take it upon myself to write a new place of interest every week from now on. This week I will highlight Dopey’s Elixer in The Pijp.

Considered to be one of the oldest brown pubs in Amsterdam. ‘Brown pubs’ is a term used for pubs in The Netherlands that have typical old, brown interior. At the beginning of the 80ties new pubs started opening up that were called “white pubs” due to their light and modern look. Hence the name ‘brown pub’ for the older, more traditional pubs.

Dopey’s Elixer is 40 years old and changed quite a bit in that time. Since 2012 a kitchen was added and since 2015 their beer selection increased to 22 different draught and 50 different bottled beers.

The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and typically Amsterdam (which makes if even beter). Good food, good beers, great vibe, what else do you need? Be sure to check out this place to enjoy the comfort of Dopey’s Elixer!

Note: This is the starting point of the Pub Crawl: The Pijp

If you are close by, be sure to check it out on a Friday of Saturday:
2e v/d Helststraat 52A, Amsterdam

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